NEW LISTERINE® Healthy White with lemon & salt is clinically proven to give you naturally whiter teeth in 2 weeks. It reduces and prevents tough stains on teeth from forming so you can feel confident to enjoy your favourite coffee, tea or wine!

How LISTERINE® Healthy White works:

- 3 Powerful essential oils combine to reduce plaque bacteria helping to clean the tooth surface

Whitens & Protects from New Stains:
- Non-abrasive, polyphosphate technology lifts stains to give naturally whiter teeth
- A protective shield prevents  new stains from developing, even in those hard to reach areas

- Fluoride helps to toughen and strengthen teeth

Combats bad breath germs:
- Kills 99% of germs that cause bad breath

Use 10mL full strength, rinse the teeth and gums for 60 seconds, twice daily as part of usual oral hygiene. Do NOT swallow.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in children below 12 years of age. If swallowed or in the event of adverse reaction, stop use and get medical help right away. Contains Sodium Fluoride. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Hotline number: 800-601-1460 (Toll free)
Customer care email: [email protected]