In China, a child with cleft lip is known as “rabbit lip” child and Zhen Hao at a young tender age was teased and bullied for a facial deformity that he was born with. Born to tobacco farmers, Yunjun and Zhenying, Zhen Hao and his family accepted the hand of fate that was dealt upon their prized son.    

Even though Yunjun and Zhenying knew that surgery was possible as Yunjun’s sister’s cleft lip was repaired. Zhen Hao’s first attempt of getting a surgery was thwarted when he came down with a fever. The family could only wait and hope for another opportunity, as they knew that they would never be able to afford private surgery.

Finally, when Zhen Hao was six, Lady Luck was upon him. The family learnt about an upcoming Operation Smile China mission from a local government leader. The news that the surgery and care would be completely without cost lifted the burden off the shoulders of his parents.

Once at the mission hospital, Zhen Hao completed a comprehensive health evaluation and much to his parent’s relief, he was cleared for surgery! Fast forward to today, the bubbly boy is now in Grade 1 and like any normal child, he is enjoying his classmates’ company.

His childhood is now complete with a smile, thanks to Operation Smile.  

Operation Smile

A life-changing mission turned into a great vision for Plastic Surgeon, Dr. William (Bill) P. Magee Jr. in 1982, he and his wife Kathleen (Kathy), a nurse and clinical social worker, travelled to the Philippines with a group of medical volunteers to repair children’s cleft lips and palates.

With the resources to treat only 40 children, Dr. Magee and his team witnessed approximately 300 families anticipating their arrival with children in tow. People were pushing their babies to them, tagging their sleeves and begging for help in Naga City.

Dr. Magee vowed to be back with more surgical equipment and supplies, funds and volunteers. The need was there in the Philippines, and across the world.

This was the beginning of Operation Smile – a non-profit organization with the vision to bring surgical care to every child suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate.

Operation Smile Vision

Introduction of Life Community Services Society (LCSS)

Life Community Services Society (LCSS) was registered as a Society on 23rd March 1996. LCSS became a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) on 20th June 2001 and a member of the NCSS General Fund in August 2003. LCSS was registered under the Charities Act on 22nd January 2002. We were conferred with the Institute of Public Character status in 2003.

LCSS has 5 core services, namely:

5 Core Services

Life Student Care
Provide quality student care services to primary school children by focusing on the total development of the child in a safe and caring environment, through a holistic Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Spiritual (moral) (S.P.I.C.E.S.) programme.

Friends of Children
Provide care and support for children (7-13yrs) with parent/s presently/formerly incarcerated through Social, Physical, Emotional, Educational and Dollars S.P.E.E.D intervention.

Friends of Youth
Befriend and mentor youths (12-19yrs) with parent/s presently/formerly incarcerated by harnessing their energy and talent into positive outcomes through Social, Physical, Relational, Emotional, Academic and Dollars (S.P.R.E.A.D) intervention.

MightyKids, Families & Community
Serve and mentor the community children and youth; affirming and nurturing them within a loving and learning environment. Our focus is on building their Character, Competency and Connection through creative and enriching activities

EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows
Strengthen social mobility of children from low income families by adopting a relational approach where community mentors are matched to the children, supporting their aspirational, character, educational, financial and relational growth. This is a joint project with [email protected] Parade

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